Hema and Vikram

On most occasions, I choose the type of clients I work with because I need to be sure that they can complement my style of work, but this time around it was quite different as the client chose me to capture their precious moments. The wedding was held at Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh and was a very well-coordinated traditional Telugu wedding. The groom’s brother was the one who got in touch with me and insisted that I shoot the event.

Generally, I always have a small chit-chat with my clients to get to know them better and get along with them and make them feel more comfortable during the shoot. But this time, it was quite different as I had no clue who the couple were until I reached the venue because all the while I was only coordinating with the groom’s brother.

The family being extremely traditional was well-versed only in Telugu which led to a communication gap initially. But thankfully, I knew a little bit of Telugu and could manage well once I got the hang of it.

The beautiful bride, who was very calm and shy in the beginning started to loosen up and gel with me only towards the end of the reception. And by the next day for the Muhurtham, she was so comfortable posing for the camera and me. The groom is a politician but did not have any airs of being one and was a very down to earth person with no attitude whatsoever. The couple being very affluent in their community had a grand and rich wedding. The décor also was very beautifully done complementing the couples attire. I enjoyed shooting the Muhurtham much more than the reception as the rituals were more beautiful to watch.

Scroll down to see some beautiful moments from this very down-to-earth couple’s special day.

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