Dharanya & Gopi

Dharanya & Gopi are my College mates and they were in a relationship for 8 years with a very beautiful love story. This is one of my favorite love story because in this mechanical world where everything is instant, being in a relationship for 8 years and getting married to each other finally is not a small thing. I really appreciate them for standing strong and grounded to each other throughout their relationship and fighting against all the hurdles to get married. The wedding happened in the bride’s town – Villupuram. It was a very serene and beautiful place where my team and I had lots of fun shooting for the couple. The scenic images of the village are still in my eyes and I am unable to stop thinking about the greenery I saw there. Just thinking about that is making me want to go back to that place and shoot another session for the couple just to enjoy the scenery.

When the bride and groom entered the wedding hall it was raining outside and it looked so beautiful as though the nature is also conspiring and happy about their union after 8 years of love. Since the groom was also very close to me, he said that he wanted his wedding photographs to be the best. He had seen my style of work and loved some shots from it and I assured him that my team will do the best of their capabilities to make their wedding photos look grand. We started with the “getting ready” session and I loved the shots from this session for the bride and groom and I consider it one of the best among all the recent weddings I have done. There are a few emotions only a bride will go through and me being a woman myself can totally empathize with her feelings. When the Getti-Melam time neared and the groom was tying the Mangalyam the bride broke down in tears and seeing her I myself started tearing up forgetting that I was shooting most important event in their life. It was very heart-touching moment for me. This wedding is very close to my heart. The pictures turned out so well.


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