Dolly & Elson

We find a new story at every wedding we work. It keeps us motivated, fascinated and raring to meet the next couple and hear their story. This time we had a Christian wedding of a lovely couple Dolly & Elson. Where the bride, to my surprise, was my look alike. Everyone over there thought we are the lost sister who finally met. Jokes apart but seriously we were looking like sisters together, which made me to love this wedding more. As Wedding Photographers, we think that wedding photography is truly a delightful thing – every single time we shoot Dolly & Elson we were falling in love with them they are the cutest couple I have ever met. Dolly had the precious smile which made my every click as a timeless picture and adding to that we had a great ambience.

Marriage was held in a beautiful church and I must say the decoration were so classic that every picture will tell you about that. All credit goes to my hubby…wondering why? He was the event manager for the wedding. Each and every flower which were kept over there for decoration was giving compliment to the bride because Dolly was the prettiest bride ever and Elson who made us all so comfortable that our team never felt we are just a photographers, we thought it’s our friend’s marriage where we can enjoy to the core.

I will surly like to mention someone who I liked lot in the marriage. It is said that a girl is closer to her father than to her mother. I met dolly’s father who is a great gentlemen, A daughter’s marriage brings out a plethora of mixed-emotions in a father .For him it was the most happiest time where his daughter baby-doll is getting married, he did everything which made smile on her daughter face and I was thankful that I had capture all that moment in my camera so that the emotion, love & happiness of all this good people will remain for ever. Finally we loved being a part of their wedding – it was full of fun, laughter and family camaraderie! We wish them a very happy married life together.

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