Sharadha & Mani

I always want when it comes to outdoor couple shoots, it should strive that dream of couple which they want to live. And when a photographer gets married my challenge to shoot that will become even tougher and that’s what happened when I had to shoot sharadha & Mani who were excellent photographer’s .Sharadha and me were Facebook friend for long time then luckily we met on a conference in Mumbai where we became very close friend and over a conversation she told me to shoot their outdoor couple shoot, I knew it would be more than a challenge for us to live up to her expectations. So I decided to give the couple a gift of Love- in –Air moment for them.

Our destination for the shoot was kodaikanal…Why Kodaikanal? Because sharadha met Mani first timehere and they fall in love, so we are here to relive that moment again with them to capture that precious moment in my camera. What to Say about kodaikanal…

Bright colors, beautiful nature, lovely climate, peaceful landscapes – few we had in the list and its absolute a princess of hill station. Sharadha & Mani are the lovely couple but even though Mani is a photographer but we had a very tough time to make him smile or to give pose. But his simplicity was capture in every picture I shoot. Sharadha is like me, she love to explore which made my work easy. She made the most stunning pose and made all images as easy on the eye as possible at end of the first shoot it’s started raining, we enjoyed to the core and through which I got beautiful picture of the couple in rain….oh that made my day.

Finally before I forgot to mention I love to thank my hubby because he was there with me throughout the shoot with lot of patience. We had a great time working with the couple, we realized even photographers can look stunning in front of the camera. We wish them a Happy Married life…

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