Karthik & Latha

One of my favourite Telugu wedding story ever! Since my marriage was also a Telugu style wedding so my memories got boost up when I worked for this wedding. Let me introduce you all my story hero and heroine –Karthik and Latha …Most romantic couple ever. When I saw them for first time they ever crazy, so comfortable to each other that they ever in relation for at least 10 years but I got shock when I knew that the wedding was a arrange marriage. Karthik was in USA and Latha in India their destiny brought them together through a matrimonial site. Even though they met because it was “suggested” by members of their respective families, they hit it off instantly and became a unit.


We snuck away the couple to get their beautiful photo in beach, they were such a wonderful couple that you can feel the love between them. Karthik is a charming broom with a great smile and calm nature and Latha is very naughty and graceful they both have different characters but when it comes to love and romance no one can beat them. I always believe the most important factor in a marriage is love & respect between the couple and I saw that love in Karthik & Latha because of which my each and every click had that love & passion in it.Family and friends circle made this a memorable event packed with fun, laughter and a lot of emotion. We wish them a very happy married life together.

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