Koheliya and Krishna

East Meets the South! Have you ever thought how it would be when the fish meets the sambar.

Koheliya and Krishna had seen studio lovestruck’s works and choose us to be the lens of their D-day!

Of all my assignments , this was challenging and I was excited about it. The Bride was in Bengal and the groom in Chennai. I wanted them to meet me before the wedding, When I called, they were busy doing shopping and I was surprise to see the bride doing her shopping late but since she was not around I had to wait to meet her only few hours before they said “I do” I was asked to meet the bride at  3 am which was a weird time, the streets were lonely and quiet and the wedding house was asleep, but the bride was up and chirpy as always! I was briefed about their expectation.

A little humor added to the chaos, the bride’s family had no clue on the Muhurtham time and hence we were asked to be at the location in the wee hours, it was later that they realized that it was only at 10am, I literally wanted to find a place to take a snooze, when I heard about the start time. But jokes apart it was nice to be spending time at a wedding house filled with fun and laughter!!!

Tamil Iyer’s have elaborate weddings and this was one such wedding, but the bride and the groom enjoyed every ritual and performed it with sincerity and Joy! When I met Krishna, I was confused about him since I never met nor I had a conversation with him but  he was so good and down to earth that I love clicking them and I don’t want to miss any moment of this lovely couple, who love each other unconditionally.

Every Professional has a satisfaction level and for me it was much more than that, with lots of cuddles, lots of laughter and that amazing smile of koheliya which made my day. It was a real joy to spend time with these two, the photographs says it all!!!

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