Rekha and Aravind

Rekha and Aravind have chosen amazing locations for their post-wedding shoot and there’s a subtle emotional intimacy that hints at beginning of a great love story. Kanchipuram – The whole town resonates with tradition and heritage. Famous for its culture, tradition and, it’s indeed a treat for Photographers.

Every girl has a dream from their childhood to get married to her prince charming in fairy tale wedding so Rekha was very particular about the shots that we were going to shoot, and took a lot of interest in trying to understand the way we work in-order for her post-wedding shoot to be the best. For her everything in the shoot let it be a photograph or dress, she want to be perfect which impressed me a lot and when it comes to Aravind I can clearly say he is a gem of the person. Usually in every shoot I get close to the bride than groom but here we had twist I got a brother in aravind, he was caring, down to earth and awesome guy which made me comfortable to capture those sublime moments.

We were accompanied by the couple’s cousins which added more fun in the trip and they helped me to achieve some of the best photography results for that I would like to say thank you. Then we tried different location in kanchipuram and we had some of the beautiful shoot in village with the villagers! They were enjoying seeing us shooting and it was really fun watching them too. Couple shared a wonderful chemistry every time they looked into each other, each photograph has a passion, love and care, which is my privilege to capture those priceless moment to them… Studio Lovestruck believes, you enjoy the pictures much as we did.

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