Studio Info

Hello .! I’m Anitha Devi Pradeep and I always believe ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. I am an Engineer but my passion took me to capture beautiful, natural and stylish images. And what if that is a wedding picture then there is more to it. I started my journey 4years back since then I worked for more than 150 beautiful wedding and I can say wedding photos are tremendously stunning and captures the emotions of the moment beautifully. All done in a friendly, relaxed and unobtrusive way. It’s no secret that wedding stands as the most memorable occasion for every couple.The laughter, the gossip and the merry making that goes around in a wedding place has its own special charm then let it be a Kalyanam or Nikah or may be a church wedding. Our team promise to give you the luxury to relax and smile while we capture every last picture of it. Anybody can flash a picture, but only a few can capture the right moment, which shows the love, passion, promise, memory, emotions, and happiness. That is what makes the picture timeless and ageless.

So what are your wedding photography plans ?? I would love to hear all about them. I will happily travel to photograph your wedding, so why not Get in touch with me?